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Brand Building

Brand. What is it exactly? Within mere seconds, you can search the web and find many different definitions. So what do we mean by Brand Building?

If we spent a few moments or better yet a few hours sitting across from each other and dissecting your business…

If we stripped away all of the excess and broke your business down into its nuts and bolts to discover your purpose and passion…

If we strove to find the perfect image and the perfect words to envision the heart of what we learned through the process…

And if we structured a long-term focus to share the message we developed with the city, the county, the country, and the world…

Then we, BAP Agency, have done our job in helping you build your brand.

It’s not just about the logo. It’s not just about the slogan. It’s not just about the business plan. It’s about all of the above plus the heart and soul of the company or organization being shared with passion throughout the world. It’s about service, your service to your customers.

And it’s personal. We, the Branding & Advertising Professionals, work to build a personal relationship with you and your brand so that we can help you build a connected and personal relationship between your brand and your audience.

So go ahead, make it personal, and contact us today to help you build your brand!

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“Beth Ann designed my first store logo 19+ years ago, and it has served me well. Recently, my store started to plateau in both sales and service, so in February, she suggested rebranding to update our focus, our product line, and our customer services. Beth Ann spearheaded the updating of our logo, our slogan, our advertising specialties, our customer service focus, and our marketing strategies. She hit the nail on the head with every effort, and we are increasing our store's solidity in every area-- on spot for a banner year! She's the best!” - Randy Lee, ND & owner, the Health Patch, Midwest City, Oklahoma

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