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About Us

Meet Our Talented Team

Just imagine with me for a moment. That ink dip and scrolling sound of a quill pen on parchment. The pecking of the typewriter hammer hitting the ribbon, and that unique sound of the carriage as it returns to the start of the next line. Or the clicking sound of fingers rapidly hitting keys on the keyboard.

Whether quill pen or gel pen. Whether typewriter or computer keyboard. Regardless of the method used, who doesn’t love a good story unfolding? Stories have the power to captivate. They give us a chance to connect. They give us hope with a unifying message that draws us together.

I think that’s why so many of us love a good pen. Pens make marks. Marks tell stories. Stories mean something. The signature marks from quill pens made marriages official and property change hands. Emblazoned marks from a branding iron claimed whose cattle could graze on specific parcels of land. Marks left in wax by signet rings led nations into war and unified kingdoms. The marks of specific fonts, colors, graphics, and messaging built brands for businesses that have stood the test of time.

A study of some of these now world-famous brands reveals that branding doesn’t happen overnight. Building a brand is like grabbing a quill pen or sitting in front of a typewriter and writing a story that unfolds over time. It often starts with “Once upon a time” I had a great business idea, and one always hopes it will eventually “Live happily ever after,” but many never outline the story that guides the way.

You may have already introduced the world to your business, or you may be looking for a great introduction. You may have a vision for your business that depicts a beautiful conclusion many years from now, or you may be looking for a way to build to a strong conclusion someday. The real question is do you know how to build out the detailed story structure that will guide your audience from an exciting introduction to a long-term love of your products and services? Have you composed a carefully crafted message which will help you reach the powerful vision you have for your business? If not, you need the storytellers extraordinaire, the branding and advertising professionals of BAP Agency.

At BAP Agency, we are a team of storytellers, creative people with varied skill sets to bring your story to life through brand development, creative marketing, digital marketing, strategic marketing, and advertising specialties. We have a team of graphic designers who are focused on visually telling your story. We have a team of writers who are committed to writing and editing and writing again until your story unfolds with clarity and connection. We have a team of developers and administrators who continually analyze data and look for ways to improve connection to your market. We don’t have branding irons, and we don’t wear signet rings, but we do have a collection of our favorite pens including a quill pen or two. On any given day you can find us with a favorite pen within reach and a keyboard and mouse at our fingertips working diligently to build the outline and flesh out the paragraphs of unique brand stories that only your product or service can tell. We are passionate about helping you Make Your Mark on the world.

Our Team

Beth Ann Parnell

Beth Ann Parnell

CEO/Creative Director

Mary Jane Hutchins

Mary Jane Hutchins

Operations Director/Financial Director

Nikki Jenkins

Nikki Jenkins

Art Director

Valerie Henley

Valerie Henley

Administrative Sales Support

Alyssa Grant

Alyssa Grant

Marketing Associate

Josh Dunaway

Josh Dunaway

Web Designer & Developer

Evelyn Rios-Benitez

Evelyn Rios-Benitez


Pebbles the Dachshund


Chief Comfort Officer

"We have partnered with the BAP Agency for several years, and we’ve come to depend on them for our marketing, website, and social media content and our brand design. They have shown themselves to be receptive to our ideas, and then translate our thoughts into professional branding. Our relationship with the BAP Agency continues to grow, and we now make them our first call anytime we have something to share with the community or our business partners. Beth Ann and her team make us feel as though we’re their first priority, and we’ve never come away questioning if we’ve made the right decision."

Randy Dorsett
Director of Human Resources – AlaTrade Foods

"Looking to rebrand our radio station was a challenging time. We knew in our hearts what we wanted to accomplish, reviving country music. We reached out to Beth Ann to share our thoughts. She took our ideas and rolled with it to recreate our vision of Alabama’s Country Classic. We love our look. Thanks guys."

Jeannie Courington
General Manager – Sand Mountain Broadcasting

"One of the first things I noticed about Beth Ann is that she has an innate sense of what constitutes good (effective) marketing and advertising in a given scenario. Not only that, but she communicates with crystal clarity. That uncommon combination of gifts that she has will translate to healthier results for any business. And that makes her a strategic person to have on your team. (You certainly don’t want her working for your competition!) I wouldn’t hesitate to refer any of my clients to BAP Agency!"

Joseph Palmer
Oklahoma Regional Manager, National Digital Manager – Bott Radio Network

"Beth Ann Parnell has an amazing talent for understanding what will work for her clients. I’ve known her for more than 15 years, and she only gets better with time. Her work is excellent, and her work ethic is unmatched, no matter the challenge you may give her. Plus, her wonderful personality makes her a joy to work with."

Ted Wagnon
President – Wagnon Strategies, LLC