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Brand development

Crafting Identities, Building Legacies

Brand Development
If we spent a few moments or better yet a few hours sitting across from each other and dissecting your business…

If we stripped away all the excess and defined your core products and services and the purpose and passion that drive them…

If we designed the unique image and wrote the specific words to envision the heart of what we learned through the process…

And if we structured a long-term focus to share the message we developed with the city, the county, the country, the world…

Then we, the Branding & Advertising Professionals of BAP Agency, have done our job in helping you develop your brand.

It’s not just about the identifying graphic marks of the logo. It’s not just about the marks of the letters in the slogan. It’s not just about the charts and marks on the business plan. It’s about all the above plus the heart and soul of the company or organization. It’s the captivating story of your business being written and shared with passion throughout the world. It’s the story of the connection you have with your customers and how you desire for them to share that story with others.

And it’s personal. We work to build a personal relationship with you and your brand, so we can help you build a connected and personal relationship between your brand and your audience. Stories captivate. Stories connect. Stories draw us together.

So go ahead; make it personal; experience the artistry of BAP Agency as we help you Make Your Mark on the world!

Brand Development Projects

Let’s Mingle Together Now in the New MTN District

Let’s Mingle Together Now in the New MTN District

Why have an arts & entertainment district when you can have a mountain district? In late summer of 2022, the City of Albertville approached us about creating a logo for the newly formed arts and entertainment district in downtown Albertville, Alabama. The arts and...

75 AND MAIN: Where Comfort and Community Meet

75 AND MAIN: Where Comfort and Community Meet

When Jeremy and Anna Smith approached us about the plan for revitalization of a historical building in downtown Albertville, they were seeking some ideas to share the work they were doing in a way that would have a positive impact on the community. We began meeting...