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Be Inspired by Cherrywood Market

Aug 23, 2023 | Digital Marketing

Exploring Ideas, Sharing Insights

Much like a well-built home requires nails, lumber, and trusses, building a website involves a good plan, great design, and solid coding and hosting. When the construction of a home is complete, it’s the beautiful finishing details like the lighting, furniture selection, and decor from Cherrywood Market that bring it to life. This is true for a website too.

Our team at BAP Agency began working with Pam and Neeysa, owners of Cherrywood Market, to discuss their vision for the company and their marketing challenges several months before the discussion of a new website came to life.

Cherrywood Market’s story began with an idea, a dream of Pam’s. From her garage on Cherrywood Lane, she started with a few shelves of home decor items and big plans, but if you know Pam, you know she has the innate ability to turn anything she touches into a masterpiece. No longer on Cherrywood Lane, Pam’s vision and hard work propelled her and the business to an old feed mill in downtown Albertville, Alabama where she fills every corner with unique home decor items, displays, and timeless furniture pieces that people have come to love! The story of Cherrywood Market was a story of rapid growth. In short, it was lightning in a bottle, and the load was heavy for Pam.

As with many creative visionaries, Pam realized she needed the assistance of her sister-in-law, Neeysa, who could help build the supporting infrastructure and processes they needed to bring fruition to Pam’s vision. Together, this dynamic, sisterhood duo had crafted a five-year-and-beyond vision for Cherrywood Market that was nothing short of impressive. They had the beautiful storyline of the market filling their heads, but they were not completely sure of how to share that story with others, so they would catch the vision and want to join them on the journey.

Over a few months of meeting and consulting, together we began to build the online infrastructure the brand needed to thrive. We worked on consistent look and messaging across social media platforms and search engines. We edited messaging for upcoming events to begin to streamline the story, and we discussed how to use digital tools like QR codes to help at these events. As the story began to take shape, we were ready to fully introduce the story with a new home for their home on the web.

BAP Agency’s website design services first lay a foundation of solid structural components and a well-defined website plan, but that’s just the beginning. Through client meetings, research, and the work of a full creative team, we started telling their story and bringing their brand to life with powerfully written content and beautiful imagery of their products and services.

At one point, Pam and Neeysa were wrestling with the online store concept. The pressure they felt to compete with other home decor stores online had convinced them that they needed a way for people to shop for products online, but this led to many challenges that had to be addressed. Were they prepared to ship products? How would they handle inventory? What if people began to request shipments of large items?

The questions were overwhelming, and they almost consumed and sabotaged the vision. This is where the BAP Agency team stepped in again to gently remind them of the storyline that had been growing in their minds. Were they really trying to be an online store, or were they trying to provide a shopping EXPERIENCE with an intentional focus on hospitality and customer service that could start online and fully develop in person? Didn’t they want to write a story that inspired others to want to come experience Cherrywood Market for themselves?

With the vision refocused, our team went back to work to build out the home for their home online that would inspire others to experience Cherrywood Market.

It’s a team effort between the client and the agency. The client brings the brilliance of their brand. BAP Agency diligently dissects the brand to learn everything that makes it brilliant, so our creative team can reveal that brilliance through powerfully written and visually engaging content for the world to see.

Did we nail it? We know Cherrywood Market does every day with their beautiful decor and wonderful home decor assistance. We are honored to have created their new home on the web.

Cherrywood Market: Be Inspired

Cherrywood Market Digital Campaign

Make sure to book your experience with Cherrywood Market today, or simply stop by 101 Carroll Street near downtown Albertville, Alabama to experience all they have to offer in bedding, furniture, home decor, kitchen and tabletop, and lamps and lighting.

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