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No Matter How You Slice It

Aug 26, 2023 | Advertising Specialties

Exploring Ideas, Sharing Insights

Yes, we create and sell promotional products, but we are not just sales people. We are focused on building your brand as a full-service creative agency. We believe advertising specialties/promotional products serve a key role in your marketing plan, and we love to create ways to do just that. How? Like this…

Citizens Bank & Trust: We have a very large project coming up, and we would love to have something to communicate “pardon our progress.” We need a quantity of about ______, and we have a budget of about __________.

BAP Agency: We love the concept of a branded kitchen utensil that people will use daily or at least on a weekly basis meaning your brand remains in front of them frequently. We have created a presentation of several branded kitchen items for you. Each item represents a creative slogan we’ve written to help you communicate your “pardon our progress” message.

Client: I love these ideas! I’m leaning toward the “No matter how you SLICE it bit — so cute! I would love for these to look like a gift — in a plastic bag with burgundy and white raffia. Is that something you would be able to tack on and ship as well?

BAP Agency: Absolutely! We can definitely help you with a turnkey project! For an additional, _____, we can do the following:

  • design and print a hang tag with the message “No matter how you SLICE it, we’re improving things for you.”
  • cut and hole punch the hang tags
  • materials for putting branded pizza cutter in cellophane bags with burgundy and white raffia with the hang tag attached
  • counted and sorted for delivery to each of your locations
  • delivery to each of your locations

Client: We would like to go ahead with the order (details provided; artwork approved; delivery details provided)

BAP Agency… Products created. Hand tags created. Products packaged. Products delivered.

Client: Perfect! Y’all have saved the day!

assembling gift bags with custom pizza slicer
tying ribbon on gift bags for client
Citizen's Bank and Trust custom gift bag
box of custom gift bags ready outside bank
custom gift bags outside Hazel Green location
custom gift bags at Elkmont location
custom gift bags outside Rogersville location

When you get to help your local business partner on a huge project, we count it as a huge win for us and for our community. Citizens Bank & Trust is a locally-owned and North Alabama-based community bank making a powerful impact across North Alabama. They are a small bank making a big difference, and they continually seek ways to do this.

As they prepared to roll out a new internet banking system, they wanted to be proactive in sharing the news with their customers and assisting them with any transition challenges that might arise. When BAP Agency pitched the “No Matter How You Slice It” promotional campaign, we wanted to make sure the customer-service-first message and the caring and friendly culture of the bank were clearly communicated. The Citizens Bank & Trust team further solidified this truth by adding to the campaign. They knew there might be hurdles in the roll out, so they provided lunch for customers and staff in the lobby of each branch on roll out day. They were ready to serve their customers through whatever transition challenges they might face. They were focused on encouraging them about the improved online banking experience that awaited them. They celebrated with a pizza lunch, and in turn, reminded the customer with a branded pizza cutter of their commitment to them each time they enjoyed slicing a piece of pizza at home.

The next time your company or organization faces a potential challenge or needs a fresh look at communicating a message, reach for the artistry of the Branding & Advertising Professionals at BAP Agency. We love to think outside the box and create promotional campaigns for you. Advertising specialties offer us thousands of ways to communicate your message in a way that stays in the hands of your audience indefinitely.

Do you have a budget in mind? Do you have a number of people you need to reach with your message? You can search ideas in our online store, or you can simply contact us here and let us do the creative research work for you. We love incorporating advertising specialities into your marketing plan to help you Make Your Mark on the world!

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